The Lego Movie

legomovie An ordinary construction worker Lego named Emmet discovers that he is the chosen one called the “Special” who is destined to defeat Lord Business and his evil plans.

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Rated PG for mild action and rude humor

Why it interested me
My very first Lego set was a Wild West set called “Gold City Junction”. Of course, I had to share it with two of my brothers, which started off as a pain… but with two more people, that meant 3x the amount of voices that could be provided for the minifigures and 3x the amount of imagination to create stories and scenarios for them! Yes, it’s a kid’s movie, but I couldn’t resist seeing a movie that brought my childhood to life.

The Good
The amount of creativity and imagination that went into the movie was immense! Not only were multiple Lego worlds created but it brought my childhood alive. It’s clear that the adults who created this movie never really “grew up”. Even though it was an animated movie, it sometimes seemed like stop motion animation at some parts, which I loved. Most comedies feature their funniest jokes in the trailer and leave nothing for the movie. This pleasantly surprised me and had me laughing the entire time. More than just simple gags for kids, there was intelligent humor, puns, and references to other movies (one of my favorites, which had me laughing in the theater when nobody else was…). Behind all the Legos and the comedy, I noticed many meaningful messages to both adults and children. How they were able to fit all that into an hour and forty minutes, and do it so well, leaves me amazed.

The Bad
Towards the end, the movie gets taken in a different direction. I don’t particularly love what they did but I don’t think it’s horrible either because of the message it sent. Some people may not enjoy it though.

The Verdict: 5/5
More than just a kid’s movie, there was plenty of action, comedy, and fun for everyone. If you had Legos as a kid or have used your imagination before, I think you would love it. Definitely a must see!


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